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Hair & MOE

Moe is the nickname of a Hair Stylist and Beauty Consultant located in Martinsburg, WV. People come to see her for trendy on point hair styling, but also for her unique, fun personality. She also sells a wide assortment of beauty products. People come in for their HAIR but get so much MOE. It’s Hair & MOE.

The full business name started as Hair & Moe, but her business has grown into so much Moe than just being a stylist. So she wanted the logo to reflect her and her personality more than just the ever growing services and products she offers. MOE is the draw, MOE is the featured attraction. The whale is a personal symbol that everyone close to her knows is an obsession of hers, something she was obsessed with since childhood. So the goal here was to combine all these unique things to represent Moe.


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