Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website, our new brand and our new marketing approach! This has been in the making for far too long! The reason we haven’t launched our new site sooner is because of how busy all of our great clients keep us. There isn’t enough time in the day! You may notice a new logo, a new look and feel, new positioning, new everything! Everything is different from the ground up. We are reaching out to new markets and offering some new services. We are starting our blog over and we are in the middle of completely revising our portfolio. Check back soon for more!

For our current clients, don’t worry, nothing on your end will change. Not one thing. Well, other than the logo on your invoices! We are still the same company, providing the same service. We are simply shifting our focus a little bit as far as marketing goes. It’s a new day for Blenderhouse Creative and we are excited for this next step in our journey!

Thanks for sharing it with us.